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Small Towns, Detroit's Crown

By Kathleen Spring

A perspective of Small Towns in the USA in the 20th Century


Capture small town life in the United States in "Small Towns, Detroit's Crown" to hand down to your children and grandchildren. This book intends to preserve small towns of the twentieth century through photographs of the structures and tales of small town life as accounted by the residents.

When the photographs were shown in the book's first one-woman art gallery showing, visitors claimed that the picture represented a place they had visited. Photographer Spring explained that they were wrong, and after they argued with her, she gently explained that she was not the gallery director, but the photographer, so she knew where they were taken. It goes to show how small towns across America look similar!

Small Town book cover"People forget the today will some day be history," says author and photographer Kathleen Spring. "I wanted to capture the beautiful structures that fill our small towns that may very well be gone in 50 to 100 years. Those old wood general stores, the ice cream shop with the pine table in front, the apple orchard with the giant apple in front and a sign that says, "Pick your own." I purposely didn't include people in the photos, because a person's eye is automatically drawn to the person in the picture, and I wanted the structures to be the stars. I left the people to tell their stories of why they wouldn't think of leaving their town. They convinced me of the serenity, safety and sincerity of living in small towns; I have now moved to one myself!"

The title reference to "Detroit's Crown," is because the author felt that the small towns circling the city are like jewels in a crown. The city and the surrounding towns feed and support each other, and the result is a synergistic gold crown with jewels. This can also be applied to any circle of small towns that surround a big city. People throughout the USA have identified the photographs as being identical to buildings in the small towns near them, or where they grew up.

The book is good for family history-conversation starter.

This rare collection is essential to the collector of Americana.

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  • "People look at things with a familiarity.
    It's security; and life is staying
    the way it should be"
    John Pokorski, Metamora

    QUOTES from Book...
    church silhouette

    "Keeps Us Moving and Motivated"

    "I read somewhere 'small towns are really special,' and it's true. everybody watches out for each other. You couldn't go to (a city) and open a store and know everyone who lives there. But you can come to Whittaker and know everybody. It (the store) is not a money maker, but it makes enough money. My husband really cares for it. It's not just a job." Cheryl R

    "Clean Your Plate"

    "When city folk rave to waitress Angie about their huge three-course meal for $5, she muses, "I don't know what to say. I've lived here all my life. It's all I've ever known. I can't even finish the beef dinner, so I just order the sandwich."

    "Neighborhood Patrol"

    "Once I came home late, about 8 o'clock, and there was a police officer waiting in my driveway. There in his open trunk was my injured cat. Now, how many (city) police would actually spend the time to do that?" said Philip N.

    "News is What You Make It"

    "We are the voice of the people," said editor Don Rush. "nothing is too trivial. If someone takes the time to call us up or drop us a letter, we try to find space for it. One of our goals is that every child that goes through our school system should be in our paper at least once."

    barn and corn field

    About the Author, Kathleen Spring

    Specializing in human interest stories, Kathleen Spring has written profiles and feature articles for local major newspapers and a select number of magazines, often accompanied by her photographs. Her video social documentaries and photographs have been shown in Michigan and Colorado and been highly received. She is currently in Colorado working on her next three books, and another video documentary. She also teaches writing workshops at her mountainside retreat.

    As an honors student at Wayne State University, she received their Journalist of the Year award in 1993. The Society of Professional Journalist awarded her in 1996 the national Member of the Year award (Howard Dubin Outstanding Pro Chapter Member, a once in a lifetime achievement). And, she has received numerous awards from the Colorado Women's Press Club and Society of Professional Journalists for her journalism and photojournalism.
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    "Neither man nor woman
    is ever quite the same again
    after the experience of a book
    that enters deeply into life..."
    Henry Seidel Canby

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