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  • "Small Towns, Detroits Crown: A Perspective of Small Towns of the 20th Century"
  • "Our Stones Gather Moss: Lyons Sandstone Quarry History" (video/dvd documentary)
  • "Geology of the Front Range, from Boulder to Ft. Collins" (video/dvd)
  • Writers: Birthing Creative Writing and Capturing Random Memories" (anthology book)
  • "Come On and Stay a While (Lyons, Colorado)" (video/dvd)
  • "Oral Histories of Small Town Colorado" (videos/book)
  • "Your Mission; a Powerful, Playful Process" So, you know your Mission. Now What?(Book TBA)
  • "That's a Good One. Small Town Stories of the Northwest." (book TBA)
  • Plus 2 children's books and 2 screenplays
  • "Whatever" screenplay about transgender love story

The series of books and video documentaries being published by Spring Times is meant to capture a more innocent time, and project it into today's stressed out times. The qualities of courage and love, and honoring family life are highlighted. The books and video/dvds include:

"People look at things with a familiarity.
It's security; and life is staying
the way it should be"
...small town resident, John Pokorski, Metamora

QUOTES from Our Books...
church silhouette "Keeps Us Moving and Motivated"

"I read somewhere 'small towns are really special,' and it's true. everybody watches out for each other. You couldn't go to a city and open a store and know everyone who lives there. But you can come to Whittaker and know everybody. The store is not a money maker, but it makes enough money. My husband (who's handicap) really cares for it. It's not just a job." ...Cheryl R (Includes full page black and white photographs of small town structures)

"Showing Respect to 200 Million Year Old Stone"

"In today's time, everything is suppose to be done fast... so the stone masons that get there are more concerned with getting the job done fast... I show them...there's so much effort there in getting it out of the ground, so much history involved. We're working with material that hasn't seen sunlight in 200 million years. It's going to be there 3-400 years. You shouldn't just throw it in the wall; and walk away from it. You should take a little bit of extra time, and make sure it's cut right; not just cut." ...Lynn Randolph, expert stone mason, an example of the pride that Lyons stone cutters and masons take in their work.

"What IS Writers' Block?"

"Getting writer's block may not be what you think it is. It might be your inner self saying that you have strayed off the path. Stop and study your work and see if you have lost your direction, or your enthusiasm, or your character's true drive. Spotting and defining the error or problem can give you the tools to get back on track." (Includes sample short-short stories putting the tips into action.)

"Don't Make Life a Gamble"

"When a person gambles at the slot machine, as they begin losing, fear makes them increase their bets in hopes of getting a big win back. Fear is guiding them, and is their focus. Statistics prove that this person has a 80% chance of losing it all. When you face a challenge in your life, and you continue to throw larger and larger amounts of your precious time and money into it because you fear that it won't work out, you will more than likely accomplish what you are focusing on: losing it all. Instead of focusing on what is at stake, focus on the objective. Stop and re-think your goals, and make sure they are phrased in a positive way." (Includes workbook exercises)

"Stupid or Courageous?"

"Judy studied the book with her grandmother's name in it. The list of the first 50 women voted into the Colorado Hall of Fame included her name. She was not famous for discovering the cure for cancer, nor did she help get the vote for women. Instead she was a woman who came out West alone, when it was looked on as scandalous and dangerous, and she survived. "Yes, she survived well," Judy thought, "and, I'm living proof." (The story of Judy's grandmother is told, highlighting when she was a girl).

"That's a Good One. Small Towns of the Northwest."

"I hope people like my clay pieces as much as I liked making them. I don't have much time to talk to them and find out. I'm in the back making more. I just leave out a clay jar with a sign that says "Leave your money here, and thanks!" and I've never had a person not remember to leave the money for their candlestick, or whatever."

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